How to plan a trip to Egypt


How to plan a trip to Egypt? A question that needs to be answered by tourism experts. This article’s main purpose is to offer travelers all necessary information to have the most incredible vacation to Egypt!

A holiday to Egypt should be in your pocket list at least once in life. Many questions may pop up to your mind, how can i book my Egypt trip? Which hotel’s category? Is it safe enough to travel as a solo female? What are the “must seen” sights? And many more questions that we will try to clarify in this article to put you in the right road of planning your Egypt trip.

1- How can i book my Egypt trip?

Choosing a qualified travel agency while planning your tour to Egypt is really important to get the best tour ever
And at Egypt Travel consultant-ETC we promise you with a memorable trip to Egypt with professional team and top services even if you are in budget.

2- Which hotel category I should book?
Hotel’s rating in Egypt is based on facilities. In order to receive their rating of stars, the hotel/resort/cruise ship must be able to present a range of facilities. Among them are in room TV, minibar, pool, licensing to serve alcohol, several restaurants, and amongst others, access to the beach if it is a Red Sea destination.
If you are not traveling in limited budget; Then we are highly recommending to book 5* hotels, cruises and resorts in order to get mentioned facilities, But if don’t have a budget then 4* hotels would be a good choice too. If you are a budget traveler and don’t mind the star of the hotel then a 3* hotel would be fine as well as some hostels.

3- Is it safe to travel as a solo female to Egypt?
Everything you hear and read online basically says: “You cannot travel to Egypt alone and you should always have a man with you.” I tend to disagree with this statement as the reality was way different for me. I solo traveled to Egypt and I felt safe at all times “Anna said / Anna everywhere”

I had the nicest experience in Egypt and while some might say that women get harassed, I didn’t feel that way at all. Let’s make something very clear here: Egyptian men are surely flirtatious. They’ll tell you that you’re beautiful and that you’re the queen of Egypt. Smile and carry on walking as they’re quite harmless. Ninety percent of the time that’s all they want from you.

Lots of women travel solo in Egypt, and most have a great time in the country. Traveling alone as a female, though, is unfathomable to many Egyptians, so expect a lot of attention. Some of this is welcome; as alone female you’re more likely than a single male or travelling couple to be befriended by families and local women and garner invites to people’s houses “Lonely planet article”

4- What are the “must seen” sights?
If it is your first time visiting Egypt, then we are highly recommending you the classic program (3 nights Cairo + 4 nights Nile cruise where you can cover the “must seen sights” such as Giza Pyramids, Sphinx & the Egyptian museum in Cairo, the east & west banks in Luxor where you can see Karnak temple, Luxor temple, Hatshepsut temple and the valley of the kings, then down to the south where Aswan to see Philae temple, Abu Simble temple and the High Dam. In this link you will find detailed itinerary of classic trip to Egypt:

Additional information:

Currency: Egypt’s main currency is the Egyptian pound (EGP) but same time the US Dollar and Euros are accepted at some spots. It’s highly recommended once reaching Cairo airport to exchange some of your money to Egyptian pounds to make your life easier.

ATMs: Egypt is a huge country as well as a developed one, so wherever you go you will find an ATM to Withrow money or paying by your credit card if you don’t want to shop around with cash.

Telecommunication: Once arriving Cairo airport, it’s highly recommended to buy a local SIM card with decent calls and internet bundle to help you staying in touch with your family via video calls (much cheaper than international calls)

Language: Arabic is the mother tongue of Egyptians, and Egyptian daily slang is much easier than the traditional Arabic in the middle east. It’s highly recommended to save some words like:
Salamu-Alikum = Hello
Shukran = Thank you
by these words Egyptians will start to communicate with you even in English. Since Egypt is a touristic country plus at schools students studying English language; Many Egyptians can speak with foreigners either fluently or at least understanding some words so that you will feel it is easy to mingle.

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