Experience the Nubian history abroad one of our Lake Nasser cruises uncovering the temples and tombs of Nubia Egypt!

  • Day 1 – Embarkation day

Your Lake Nasser Cruise starts when our representative pick you up from wherever you are in Aswan, either Aswan airport or Aswan railway station and transfer you with our deluxe vehicle to your cruise boat. You will check-in as soon as you will reach your cruise boat. and start your stay with lunch and you will end with breakfast.

Lunch will be served onboard then you will start your tour to the temple of Kalabsha the largest free-standing temple in Nubia. A Greco-Roman temple dated to the first century AD.

Continue the tour to one of the many Ramses II temples, this one still magnificent, in its colorful paintings dated to the 13th Century BC. The locals refer to this temple as the Temple of Beit Al-Wali, using the name of a nearby village to identify it. The Temple of Beit El Wali was dedicated to the worship of the gods Amun; the ‎King of Gods, and the god Khnum.

The last stop will be a small building boasting Ptolemaic columns with floral capitals, often called the Kiosk of Kertassi. This tiny structure, only about 25 feet square and dedicated to two Nubian deities. Dinner & overnight onboard.

Meals: Lunch & dinner onboard

Kalabsha Temple Egypt Tours Portal
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  • Day 2 – Nile cruise (Wadi El Seboua)

It is sailing day! You will enjoy your breakfast onboard then a nice Cocktail when you are passing the tropic of Cancer.

Lunch and Dinner will be onboard and a free night at your own leisure, Overnight in Wadi El Seboua.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner onboard

Wadi El Seboua
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  • Day 3 – Nile cruise (Wadi El Seboua)

Breakfast onboard; You will start your visit to Wadi El Seboua temple, which is one of the Nubian temples that moved from the original location several kilometers to North West of the original one “Wadi El Seboua” dedicated to the god Amon Ra and god Ra Hor Akhty.

Not far from Wadi El Sebou, you will visit the temple of Dakka (which is named after a nearby village called Dakka. It is the only temple in Nubia oriented north-south to parallel the course of the Nile. The huge pylon, unusually separated from the temple proper, was added by the Romans and contains storerooms in its three interior levels.

Another Ptolemaic temple in the vicinity is called the Moharraqa Temple. Since its former location was threatened by flooding from the Nile due to the construction of the Aswan Dam, this small temple was dismantled in 1961 by the Egyptian Antiquities Service. It was subsequently rebuilt along with the Temple of Dakka in 1966.

Lunch will be served on board while sailing to Amada temple, visit the Amada temple. It was constructed on its original site, on the left bank of the Nile, by Tuthmosis III and Amenophis II (18th Dynasty) was dedicated to the god Amon Ra and god Rahorakhty. It is the oldest of the Nubian temples, dating from the New Kingdom.

Then you will continue your visit to the temple of El Derr which is in very bad condition of preservation and badly damaged. The temple of Derr originally sat on the Nile’s east bank a few miles to the south and was dedicated to the sun god.

Continue the tour to Penout tomb A few hundred meters away from El Derr temple, a pyramid-shaped hill containing the only tomb saved from the floods comes into sight. The tomb belongs to Benout, the powerful viceroy of Nubia who was in charge of supplying stone for the statues of Ramses VI in the 11th Century BC. The tomb is particularly interesting not only for its depiction of the afterlife but for its many vivid paintings of scenes of life in Nubia at the time. Back to the Nile for dinner and overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner onboard

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  • Day 4 – Nile cruise (Abu Simble)

Breakfast on board while sailing towards Kasr Ibrim temple. Located 230 km to the south of Aswan. The entrance to the site is not permitted so the boat will stop around 20 minutes only for taking photos from the sundeck.

Continue sailing to Abu Simbel, Lunch onboard and visit to the most beautiful two rock-cut temples dating back to the reign of King Ramses second.

The two temples were cut, removed, and reconstructed 200 meters back from the original place and 65 meters in a higher place than the original one. The first temple was dedicated to the god Ra Hor Akhty, Ptah, Amon, and Ramses second while the second temple which is called the love temple was dedicated to the goddess Hathor and his wife Nefertari, the principal and the most beloved one. Dinner and overnight onboard.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner onboard

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  • Day 5 – Disembarkation day

Disembarkation after breakfast, then you will be transferred to Aswan hotel, station or airport for final departure.

Meals: Breakfast

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Trip highlights:

  • Aswan High Dam
  • Philae temple in Aswan
  • Kalabsha temple
  • Temple of Beit Al-Wali
  • Kiosk of Kertassi
  • Wadi El Seboua temple
  • Temple of Dakka
  • Moharraqa Temple
  • Amada temple
  • Temple of El Derr
  • Kasr Ibrim temple
  • Abu Simbel temple