If you have a short stay and want to enjoy the sailing from Aswan to Luxor, then this is your best-match trip!

  • Day 1 – Arrival day

Welcome to Aswan! Upon arrival you will be met and assisted by our representative who will transfer you to your cruise boat: your floating hotel for your next 4 days

After lunch you will be driven to see the High Dam, the worlds largest rock filled dam, and the Temple of Philae, moved to the island of Agilika after the waters of Lake Nasser flooded its original location. It is then back to Aswan to re-join your cruise and as the Nile laps gently underneath you, dinner will be served.

Meals: Lunch & dinner onboard

4 days / 3 nights Nile cruise 1
  • Day 2 – Nile cruise (Kom Ombo & Edfu)

A new day and your first breakfast onboard as the boat sails majestically towards Kom Ombo, where you will visit the Temple of Kom Ombo, dedicate to Horus and Haroeris.

After the visit you will be taken back to the boat for your lunch while it sails onward to Edfu, home of the best preserved temple in Egypt: the Temple of Horus. It is then back to the boat and you can watch as it departs Edfu and sails for Esna.

Once you reach Esna you will watch as it sails through the Esna locks. Once through the locks the boat continues on its course towards Luxor, dinner & overnight onboard.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner onboard

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4 days / 3 nights Nile cruise 2
  • Day 3 – Nile cruise (East & west banks of Luxor)

An early breakfast and then it is time to visit the West Bank of Luxor: the tombs of the New Kingdom Pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings; the magnificent temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir El-Bahri finishing with the immense Colossi of Memnon.

After lunch, which you will have on board, you will visit the magnificent Karnack and Luxor Temples. Once your visit to these ancient Theban Temples is completed you return to the boat where your last dinner, upon this floating hotel, will be served.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner onboard

4 days / 3 nights Nile cruise 3
  • Day 4 – Departure day

Disembarkation after breakfast, then you will be transferred to Luxor airport for final departure.

Meals: Breakfast

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4 days / 3 nights Nile cruise 4

Package price:

What’s included:

What’s excluded:

Trip highlights:

  • Aswan High Dam
  • Philae temple in Aswan
  • Sobek temple in Kom Ombo
  • Horus temple in Edfu
  • Karnak temple (East bank of Luxor)

  • Luxor temples (East bank of Luxor)
  • Valley of Kings (West bank of Luxor)
  • Hatshepsut temple (West bank of Luxor)
  • Memnon statues (West bank of Luxor)