If you are looking for different experience in upper Egypt and more relaxation onboard small wooden boat; Then the Dahabiya Nile cruise is your best match!

  • Day 1 – Embarkation day

We will pick you up from wherever you are in Luxor and transfer you to Esna (50 km south of Luxor) where the crew of the Dahabiya will take you to board the boat. Your floating hotel for the coming 5 days.

A visit to the Esna temple and a short walk through the local markets. Your Nile adventure starts by sailing towards El Kab, the ancient city of Nekheb, where you can see the remains of the temples and the tombs. The sailors sets sail for a small island where the boat will moor for the night. Enjoy your dinner on the sundeck or the banks of the river Nile. Dinner & overnight onboard.

Meals: Lunch & dinner onboard

Dahabiya Nile cruise (5 days) 1
  • Day 2 – Dahabiya (Edfu & Wadi El Shat)

Breakfast onboard while sailing towards Edfu, Visit the beautifully preserved temple of Horus, dedicated to the falcon-headed god Horus, which is in a state of excellent preservation and once huge ceremonies were held here with live falcons in honour of Horus.

Continue sailing to Wadi El Shat for a walk through small villages and the desert. Set sail for a small island where the boat will moor for the night. Dinner will be served onboard the Dahabiya or on the tranquil banks of the Nile.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner onboard

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Dahabiya Nile cruise (5 days) 2
  • Day 3 – Dahabiya (Gebel El Silsila & Kom Ombo)

Relax in a deck chair and watch the riverside pass by while the crew sails to Gebel El Silsila. You can explore the rock-cut chapels of Seti I, Ramesses II, Merenptah and Horemheb and also remnants of the monuments in the old sandstone quarries.

During lunch the Dahabiya sails towards Kom Ombo, where you go ashore to see the double temple of Sobek and Haroeris. Dinner & overnight onboard.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner onboard

Gebel El Silsila
Dahabiya Nile cruise (5 days) 3
  • Day 4 – Dahabiya (Daraw, El Koubania & Aswan)

The captain sets sail for the village of Daraw, once the last stop for camel traders from Sudan after a forty days long journey through the Libyan desert .

After a walk through the village and camel market the boat sails further towards Koubania; A Nubian village near Aswan, with lovely gardens filled with citrus and mango trees.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner onboard

Dahabiya Nile cruise (5 days) 4
  • Day 5 – Disembarkation day

Disembarkation after breakfast, then you will be transferred to Aswan hotel, station or airport for final departure.

Meals: Breakfast

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Dahabiya Nile cruise (5 days) 5

Package price:

What’s included:

What’s excluded:

Trip highlights:

  • Esna temple
  • El Kab
  • Edfu temple
  • Wadi El Shat
  • Gebel El Silsila
  • Kom Ombo temple
  • Daraw camel market
  • El Koubania