Egypt Visa

Tourists who want to visit Egypt can get their visa at any airport if they carry all documents at that moment. It would be best if you carry a valid passport which is 6 months away from the expiration, at least to get a visa. Getting an Egypt Entry visa is simple and easy if you know everything right.

There are 4 types of Egyptian Visas:

Residence Visa: For visitors who plan to live in the country for more than 90 Days, For Study or Work. Residence visas are renewable and valid for up to five years. You must apply in advance for this visa approval and do all your paperwork neatly.

Tourist Visa: This visa is valid for only one month on a single entry and does not extend that time limit.

Electronic Visa or eVisa: Egypt eVisas are only available as Egypt Tourist Visas. When the visa is accepted, the applicants are notified via email and must print a copy.

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Visa on Arrival: This type of Egypt Visa is only available to nations that apply for an Egyptian e-visa. Furthermore, this visa is only accessible as a single entry visa to employees flying to Egypt and is valid for 30 consecutive days. Applicants must queue, complete the form, and purchase the visa sticker to produce with their passport at the immigration desk.

How Tourists Get Their Visa at the Airport:

The Egyptian visa is merely a postal or postage stamp that you can get from the visa office, located in the arrival hall, right before the immigration booth; you can’t miss it! The visa stamp costs USD 25 per person or the equivalent in Euros and Sterling. After purchasing your visa, you must wait in line to get your passport stamped by an immigration official.

Let’s get ready for your amazing trip to Egypt.

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