Top Traditional Egyptian Dishes That Foreigners Love


1- Ful (Beans)
The most popular street food in Egypt, Ful is a paste of mashed broad (fava) beans flavored with garlic and olive oil. It is labeled out of large copper pots, often into pockets of pitta bread and typically sold as an inexpensive takeaway sandwich.

2- Tamiya (Falafel)
Another Egyptian street food staple, known elsewhere as falafel, Tamiya is made with mashed fava beans and parsley (instead of chickpeas, which are used elsewhere around the Mediterranean). It is made in the shape of flat discs rather than round balls and is typically eaten as a sandwich with salad.

3- Koshari
One of the famous Egyptian dishes, A mix of rice, brown lentils and macaroni topped with fried onions and a spicy tomato sauce, koshari is normally eaten in dedicated koshari restaurants that serve the dish exclusively.

4- Shawarma
Shawarma is one of the tasty dishes in Egypt, it is a large cone of pressed lamb or chicken that is rotated vertically in front of a flame grill. As the meat is cooked it is sliced off and mixed on a griddle with chopped tomato, onion and parsley before being rolled in a large disc of flatbread and wrapped in foil to take away.

5- Kebab and Kofta
Flame-grilled chunks of lamb (kebab) and spiced minced meat made into a sausage and grilled on a skewer (kofta) are a favorite Egyptian food meal. It is typically eaten with a simple chopped tomato and cucumber salad and a disc of flatbread.

6- Mulukhiyah (Green Soup)
It is one of the favorite dishes of Egyptians, Hard to like on the first encounter, this is a soup made from mallow leaves. Green in color, it has a thick, viscous texture. Egyptians eat it with meat such as rabbit or lamb. Fatimid Sultan Hakim found the dish so unappetizing that he had it banned in the 11th century.

7- Pigeon
A traditional delicacy food, pigeons (Hamaam) are bred throughout Egypt in conical pigeon towers. They are stuffed with seasoned rice or, even better, bulgur wheat (freek) before being grilled or baked.

8- Mahshi
Another great dish for vegetarian travelers. It basically consists of baked vegetables, usually peppers, zucchini or aubergine, stuffed with rice mixed with aromatic herbs (parsley, coriander…).It is accompanied by a drink sauce.

9- Sayadiyah Fish
A dish that is cooked mainly in coastal cities such as Suez, Port Said, and Alexandria. It is made of white fish such as sea bass or bluefish, and cooked with yellow rice, onions, spices and tomato sauce. It is then cooked in a casserole.It is a typical Egyptian meal to be savored and enjoyed.

is a traditional food in Egypt, it’s a bread (something similar to pita bread) that is usually filled with minced meat, onion, pepper. Hawawshi is perhaps best known as a staple of home-style Egyptian cooking to make you feel good

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